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More than 10,000 visitors will access this month, generating approximately 30,000 page views and between 80,000-120,000 hits.

Actual Metrics for March 2008:

The numbers above are important measures of success for our site. Our marketing efforts are focused on increasing the visits from airline industry potential buyers. We do this through direct contact with the 670 airlines in our Airline Directory.

Statistics from many sources conclude that over 80% of airlines looking for IT solutions start their market search on the internet. More and more airlines buyers use because it is the only online directory that specializes in promoting companies that offer products and services to the aviation industry. This market spends billions annually in software, support and service fees.

From a Supplier's perspective, our efforts can't truly be labeled a success until at least one airline buyer sees your listing, clicks through to your web site and eventually purchases a product or service from your company. This site exists to give you the best opportunity to help make that happen in a simple and affordable format.

Airline buyers can easily reach your listing from multiple entry points on the web. Search engine placements and meta tag optimization help to deliver this flexibility. Upon entry, visitors find a Solutions Catalogue organized in three main categories:

1. Applications (with airline-related Hangar, Head Office and Operations business process areas).
2. Infrastructure and,
3. Services.

This allows visitors to the site to use airline-intuitive navigation. Visitors can also find solutions by Supplier or Product name. In most cases, all it takes is three clicks for a 1st time visitor to find Suppliers with products or services matching their business area or project requirements.

As an example of the relative ease in finding airline solutions, try a search for on Knowledgestorm. Over 500 responses appear on a basic search of "airline cargo software". How many airline IT project managers will have the patience to scroll through 500 entries to build their vendor shortlist? As a Supplier, is your product lost in the maze? Are you getting value for your marketing dollar from a site that caters to every business imaginable?

The same search from the home page allows airlines to navigate directly to a list of suppliers that specialize in Airline Cargo Accounting in three clicks. Click on the Solutions Catalogue, then in the Applications - Head office column click on Accounting. Now, that's Market Research and a huge head start for airlines starting the procurement process. Visitors can also use a Google supported in-site search feature on each page that produces filtered responses with links that match the search criteria.

Our focus is on the airline industry and the simplicity we use to deliver the supplier directory service to our visitors.

We do not require visitors to register or login. Visitors can immediately access the site anonymously, without restrictions and with some degree of privacy. We deliberately encourage visitors to leave our site by making it as easy as possible for airline visitors to find your listing in as few as 2 clicks and go to your site as soon as possible. That's bad for our traffic numbers but great for the airine customers and the suppliers listed on our site. We do have the ability, at your request, to provide hit counts based on how many times visitors from go to your site.

Our job is to promote business between airlines and airline suppliers by leading customers to your site without delay.

It is a daunting task for media planners to identify which web sites will have a receptive audience for their advertising message. There are many sites and publications competing for Supplier marketing dollars. If you're a Supplier considering listing in, we're asking you to take a small leap of faith from the rules typically associated with the selection of web site marketing partners. We ask you to trust that our outside of the box marketing approach and specialization in the lucrative airline-specific market provides good reasons for you to include in your annual marketing budget.

Annual fees for listings start at $350 with an add-on fee of $50 for each additional product or service. If a product satisfies more than one business process it can be placed again in the site at no additional fee. These annual rates are a fraction of the fees paid for printed or other online ad space with the added value of targeting your customers in the airline vertical market.

If your company approves placements based on the highest traffic numbers please pause for a moment to think of the value from target marketing versus broad marketing. What may sound great in "visitor traffic" to a site such as Knowledgestorm may be nothing more than a"traffic jam" of visitors not specific to the airline industry.

For Suppliers, delivers a format that allows you to include complete and up-to-date information for the airline products and services that you offer to the airline industry, more effectively and affordably than any other online or printed directory.

For airline project teams, delivers accurate and up-to-date information about airline supplier products and services, stimulates business transactions and makes the process of vendor selection and evaluation of solutions fast, easy and more effective.

If you or your company supply products or services to the airline industry, you'll find great value in visiting and supporting