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Frequently Asked Questions

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1.  How do Technology Buyers find Supplier listings?

Buyer's can easily find Supplier listings from any page using the Airline Solutions link. From this section, the Buyer can select from the Index, Product Name, Supplier Name or, Business Area lists.


Look for Supplier's with "Supplier Profiles". The Profile contains a brief summary of the company, a description of the product and "Fast Links" to the vendor's web site, email and other product specific pages such as screen shots or web demos.

2.   How many business areas can my Product or Service be listed under?

If your product overlaps 2 or more business areas, we will add links in each area to ensure that buyers find your product profile. In addition to this coverage in the main Catalogue, your links will also appear in the Find By Product and Supplier name list pages.

3.  What is the price to list a Product or Service Profile?

We have standard and custom price levels to fit every need. Click here for Supplier Pricing information

4.  How does Airline advertise the site?

We advertise and promote this site through Internet presence strategies, attendance at airline industry conferences and we keep in email contact with buyers at every airline in our Airline data base. We want to be the 1st place any airline buyer goes to when they are looking for airline products and services. We also intend to place ads in various industry publications worldwide.

5.   Can I change a Profile?

Yes. We want your information to always be accurate. Each Supplier listing includes a number of change events in each 12 month period.  Additional changes can be made anytime with payment of a nominal fee.

6.  What is a Fast Link?

A Fast Link is a hyperlink to a specific page in a Supplier or Airline
Profile. Each Profile has a Fast Link section that contains hyperlinks
to the web areas that a visitor will most likely want to get to

7.  Does Airline support multiple languages?

Your Profile can be in any language that you chose. We create an English version first, then ask you to provide equivalent content in the language of your choice. Each additional version is has is own unique "Shadow Profile". Additional fees apply for this service. See Create Supplier Profile for more details.

8.  Can airlines list software developed in-house?

Yes. There are many great systems that have been developed by airline technical divisions. Aer Lingus, Alitalia, Qantas and  Northwest, to name a few, have all had successful software sales of in-house developed products.  Airlines with software to sell should go to Create Supplier Profile to list their products.
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