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Product Name Sabre Category
Sabre CargoMax Suite Cargo Management  
Sabre AirPrice Systems Fares Management  
SabreSonic Inventory Inventory Management  
Sabre Loyalty Suite Loyalty Management  
Sabre AirFlite Suite Planning and Scheduling  
Sabre Rocade Suite Planning and Scheduling  
Quasar System Revenue Accounting  
Sabre GDS Analysis Revenue Integrity  
Sabre SmartFlow tool kit Revenue Integrity  
Sabre AirMax Suite Revenue Management  
SabreSonic Web Booking Engines  
Sabre Qik Solutions Business Process Management  
SabreSonic Res Channel Distribution and Reservations  
Customer Insight Customer Relationship Management  
Sabre WiseVision Suite Customer Data and Analysis  
SabreSonic Shop Shopping Options  
SabreSonic Ticket Ticketing  
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