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Passenger Services  
Air Core
A web based customer centric suite of reservations and departure control applications.
Customer Loyalty Solution Helps manage frequent flyer, lounge and specialty and staff programs as well as maintain a database for tailoring promotions to customers.
Maintenance and Engineering  
Aircraft Maintenance Event Scheduler - AMES Keeps track of specialized maintenance resources so that planners can create accurate schedules quickly, analyze multiple schedules options, optimize and automate complex problem solving and maximize time between events.
OpenAIR Helps convert maintenance and engineering operations from cost centers to profit centers. Manages; real-time costs to date, real-time updates for scheduling labor and materials, the linking of job costs to work orders and contracts and reports that detail defects and non-routine work.
Airport Operations Management An airport operations management solution that uses powerful automation tools to collect data from all major airport systems - operational, retail, environmental and administrative. The system processes and organizes this data into a consistent enterprise-wide view to aid with planning, decision support, forecasting, billing, scheduling and other functions.
Boarding Control Assistant Helps to speed passenger movement through the gate, screen for seat duplications, reduce ticket fraud, improve yield management accuracy, assist with baggage reconciliation and reduce operating costs.
Check-in Assistant Streamlines passenger processing so that agents can provide faster, more personalized services while adhering to strict security processes. Features quick access to complete customer data and intuitive interfaces with easy to use screens.
Load Planning Assistant Verifies a safe load plan, simplifies data entry and adapts to any weight and balance host system.
Local Departure Control Automates passenger processing tasks such as: issuing boarding passes and baggage tags, passenger check-in to simplify processing and ensure passenger safety, and communication with baggage handlers to ensure proper processing.
Cargo Portal Services Efficient automated operations system that improves service with forwarders, creates efficiencies to compete more effectively and lets you see bookings and capacity and allotment details in a synchronized and secure web service.
In-transit Service Manager A supply chain management system for logistics service providers that; proactively manages shipments, automatically builds a route plan and monitors the status of every shipment against the route plan.
Logistics Hosting and Integration Services An outsourcing service tailored to the logistics industry that will help maintain control over IT costs by providing the experienced staff and the latest hardware and software solutions so that time and cost can be saved in the management of your IT infrastructure.
Logistics Management System Manage air freight logistics operations using a comprehensive proven and flexible solution. The system integrates door to door support for time-definite products by letting you track master air waybills and house air waybills as a whole or split to a single piece. It also manages flight space and automates cargo IMP processing.
Travel and Distribution  
Hotel Connectivity Consulting and systems integration services that allow airlines to offer better service to travelers through better revenue management, back office integration strategies and IT strategy and implementation solutions.
Weather Information Services  
Consulting and Engineering Services Services that help clients develop web sites to present weather information, customize and integrate complex weather information software and develop and integrate complex meteorological software and products.
NOAAPORT Satellite Receive Systems An off the shelf solution that can run on both Solaris and UNIX on an Intel platform, it provides all the weather data transmitted by the NOAA/NWS satellite.
Satellite Gateway and Weather Servers Unisys offers a Ku-Band satellite receive system made up of the Unisys Gateway and Unisys weather Server products, along with a Ku-Band antenna and receiver. Many customers use Unisys satellite weather data delivery as as a backup to their NOAAPORT.
SkyView Graphical Weather Displays Unisys offers two SkyView display products. SkyView for cable TV, a highly specialized product for TV weather and a standard SkyView meteorological tool for the display/analysis of radar and satellite data.
Weather Data A service that delivers processed weather information in a customized weather information package.
WXP Graphical Weather Displays A software tool that is a suite of routines for analyzing and displaying meteorological data and satellite images.
Baggage Management A solution for baggage management that enables agents to focus on passenger security and service while complying with the latest government requirements.
Consulting Unisys has the technology, the industry experience, and the creativity to enable passenger safety and passenger service to coexist. The Unisys approach focuses on integrated solutions to address the demands of the industry and its regulatory agencies, was well as the service expectations of its customers.
Employee Access Control Biometric software for employee access control, based on positive identification. Positive I.D. ensures only authorized entry into controlled areas.
Passenger Facilitation Self Serve Kiosks Positive I.D. with biometrics have been integrated into standard check-in, self-service check-in and passenger boarding for faster processing of travelers.
Surveillance Modern digital cameras and facial recognition software make surveillance possible at check-in counters, boarding gates, security checkpoints and other selected locations.
Outsourcing Services Unisys outsourcing services include: passenger services and reservations, logistics/freight management, customer loyalty and customer relationship management, maintenance and engineering and passenger facilitation for check-in, load planning, boarding control and positive identification solutions.
Systems Integration  
Systems Integration Services Unisys uses a proven approach with dedicated and experienced people to provide industry recognized systems integration and project management for miission-critical systems.
Server Technology  
Server Technology Unisys has channeled decades of its mainframe engineering experience into developing the most reliable and scalable Microsoft Windows-based enterprise servers – the Unisys ES7000 family of servers – to support the existing and emerging needs of the transportation industry.
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