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AirCore Passenger Services  
Air Core:

AirCore is a modern, comprehensive, customer-centric suite of modules that provides a full range of core services including reservations, inventory, ticketing and departure control. AirCore encapsulates the highly complex platform while exposing its core functions through interfaces and APIs that are easy to integrate and use. It provides mission-critical passenger solutions to airlines of all sizes and complexities. AirCore is a GDS-neutral, NDC-capable PSS that integrates with internet and mobile booking platforms, gateways of multi-modal transport and hospitality providers. The modular design of AirCore allows airlines to provide a wide-range of integrated products and services to their customers.

Airlines may choose the entire AirCore suite or only the modules needed to achieve advanced initiatives. AirCore is available as a cloud-hosted managed service from Unisys or as a licensed application. As a hosted solution, AirCore offers airlines the freedom of an in-house PSS without the expense of making constant upgrades or maintaining a large IT staff.

AirCore Surround Solutions  
AirCore Order Manager A solution that provides master order control for both New Distribution Capability (NDC) orders and non-NDC orders; it can run parallel to any airline passenger services system (PSS).
AirCore Predictive Reaccommodation A reaccommodation solution that gets passengers where they need to be when flights are interrupted or cancelled; automatically obtains alternate flight availability to get passengers to their final destination.
AirCore Rescue A departure control back-up to an airline’s primary disaster recovery (DR) system or primary DR solution for airlines that allow the continuation of check-in and boarding passengers during system outages.
AirCore Timeline a social collaboration platform that enhances an airline’s customer engagement program for travelers with sales, service, and social in one stream.
Airport Operations Suite
Airport Operations Suite The Unisys Airport Operations suite, , , and systems integration services help airport directors resolve the conflicts by addressing the management and improvement of all key aspects of an airport’s operations.
The suite is a set of common-use applications and modules to support all airports’ activities including gate/stand/carousel management, baggage management, and local departure control.
Logistics Soutions - Digistics
Digistics Digistics is a holistic and integrated cargo logistics solution that allows carriers to streamline freight management and improve their operational efficiencies. Digistics enables air carriers to choose from a comprehensive suite of offerings or select the specific cargo services they need, including inventory management, booking, invoicing, and accounting. The system features cross-platform analytics allowing carriers to view past, present and forecast data for enhanced operations.
Digi-Core Digi-Core is the world's most comprehensive air cargo management system. This helps manage your logistics chain – from initial booking, air waybill creation, through warehouse and flight management, real-time and piece level tracking and control, all the way to delivery and even logging and managing claims. It includes the most advanced pricing, customs, e-Freight and integration services in the industry. Provides a single view of the order from creation to fulfillment.
Digi-Portal Digi-Portal is the world's most popular multi-carrier air cargo booking portal used by over 6,000 global forwarders and shippers in 100 countries for their booking needs. It is the engine behind carriers' own-brand websites and provides a large and growing range of e-services for forwarders including booking, customs, IATA e-AWB, offers, and more. Provides a medium to launch promotions and push marketing information. It is also an ideal solution to provide secure access to carriers' inventory to carriers General sales agents (GSA) from any location.
Digi-Accounting Fully integrated with Digi-Core or available stand-alone, Digi-Accounting bills customers for services rendered and provides financial insights as early as the first booking to help drive profitability. It performs accounting functions against the air waybill, posts the amounts, prepares the invoices, and manages the accounts receivable activities. Rules engines helps to perform automated audits and manage by exception, which improves efficiency.
Digi-iQ Digi-iQ is a time-based supply chain event management and reporting tool providing proactive alerts of potential failures and exceptions to deliver the Cargo iQ quality standard. It also provides a CDMP capability for airlines.
Airport Passenger Facilitation Suite  
Airport Passenger Faciitation Suite The Unisys Airport Passenger Facilitation Suite is a set of solutions addressing a wide range of on and off airport passenger processing functions to improve passenger flow and satisfaction. These include agent operated check-in, fast bag drop, load planning and boarding. It includes several passenger self-service modules, such as kiosk and web check-in, including the option for Home Printed Bag tags – now operational at Billund Airport in Denmark. All of these solutions are aligned to and support the IATA Fast Travel objectives for passenger self-service.
Unisys Airport Passenger Processing System Solution (APPS) This fully integrated suite of applications help agents facilitate the efficient, secure check-in and boarding of passengers thereby providing superior customer service at the airport – from fast, efficient check-in to smooth, relaxed boarding, to on-time flight departure. Checking in passengers and baggage is accomplished quickly and with minimal routine agent interaction. Based on the latest technologies and industry requirements, the solution incorporates RFID, bar code boarding passes and biometrics already used at many airports and is available across multiple platforms.
Unisys Home Printed Bag Tag Solution The home printed bag solution increases passenger self-service, speeds up passenger processing, and increases passenger satisfaction by enabling passengers to print bag tags off-airport and shorten their queue time to check their bags at the airport. Benefits exponentially increase as airports and airlines introduce common bag drop processes and locations to shorten queues. This solution is offered as part of our complete APPS solution or a stand-alone software as a service (SaaS) which can be integrated with any check-in and web check-in system. The stand-alone SaaS solution for home printed bagtags is designed to be flexible and thereby capable of dealing with different scenarios depending on what functionality is available in the airport or airline’s existing check-in and web check-in systems.
Unisys Fast Bag Drop Application (UFBDBA): This 2nd generation Fast Bag Drop solution speeds up passenger baggage processing by expanding the distribution of the bag drop process across all available counter or bag drop positions within a common-use system for all possible end users – bag drop agents and passengers. By integrating this new fast bag drop application with 3rd party providers of self service bag drop hardware platforms, ranging from low cost “retrofit” solutions to the most sophisticated full service solutions, the market is offered a unique common use solution which simultaneously can integrate across multiple airlines’ check-in systems.
Unisys Mobile Check-in Assistant (mCKA): The Unisys Mobile Check-in Assistant (mCKA) is a comprehensive Common Use mobile-based solution that allows airline or ground handling agents to move beyond the counter to perform a variety of passenger services functions – e.g., passenger search, acceptance and boarding of passengers by scanning the 2D barcoded boarding passes, boarding pass and bag tag printing – remotely on a mobile hand-held device. mCKA is an ideal tool to assist airlines, airports and ground handlers to better “prepare” their passengers for a fast bag drop (i.e., agent-operated or self-service). Roaming agents can complete several time consuming functions, such as VISA check and entering of API (Advance Passenger Information), prior to the passenger reaching the bag drop counter.
Unisys and IEG Airport Lounge Management Solution Unisys outsourcing services include: passenger services and reservations, logistics/freight management, customer loyalty and customer relationship management, maintenance and engineering and passenger facilitation for check-in, load planning, boarding control and positive identification solutions.
Unisys Security Solutions  
Unisys Security Solutions Unisys Security Solutions protect information and operational technology (IT/OT) systems as well as industrial control systems (ICS) end to end. Combining expert consultants, advanced technologies and managed security services, Unisys enables you to predict, prevent, detect and respond to threats throughout the entire security lifecycle.
Unisys Stealth Products and Services Unisys Stealth enables trusted identities to access microsegmented critical assets that can safely communicate through secure, encrypted channels. Stealth™ establishes irrefutable user authentication, prevents lateral attacker movement and reduces data center, mobile and cloud attack surfaces.
Managed Securtiy Services Unisys Managed Security Services deliver comprehensive real-time protection solutions – Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Security Device Management (SDM), Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC), Managed Identity and Access Management Services (IAM); and Stealth Services, helping organizations to manage overall risk, improve their security posture, prevent emerging threats and demonstrate compliance in a cost-effective manner.
Securtiy Consulting Services Cybersecurity Analytics Consulting helps quickly identify threats and prioritize actions. Leveraging the Unisys Cybersecurity Intelligence platform—which combines innovative machine learning security, behavioral analytics and an advanced threat intelligence engine.
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